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The AVACI Annual International Congress starts this week in Seoul, South Korea

This week, on May 17th, 18th and 19th, the Second Annual AVACI -Audiovisual Authors International Confederation- International Congress will be held in South Korea. This event will be a historical landmark, given that this edition will be the first one to be attended in person, due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic back in June 2021, when it was released for the first time.

This meeting between Audiovisual Directors, Screenwriters and executives from all over the world will take place at the Novotel Ambassador Hotel in Gangnam, in Seoul, the South Korean capital city. The host society of the Congress will be DGK -Directors Guild of Korea- on whose behalf the multi-award winners Directors and Screenwriters Bong Joon-ho and Chan-Wook Park invited the Audiovisual Authors of the rest of the world to the Congress, through a video broadcasting.

Besides the panels that will present the current panorama of the Audiovisual Authors’ rights in the different regions of the world, DGK has organized a series of meetings with Korean government officials, with the purpose of making a joint claim for an improvement in compensation laws for the Audiovisual Authors of that country. The Congress participants will also be able to attend additional social and cultural events.

The union of the world’s Audiovisual Authors in the same physical place is now a fact thanks to the creation of the AVACI Confederation, and it implies an unprecedented event in the collective struggle for the recognition of their rights.


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