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Fairness Rocks. Recompensa justa pela contribuição criativa.

Durante muito tempo os conglomerados proprietários de direitos não conseguiram garantir que os artistas criativos por trás das obras recebessem uma parte economicamente justa pela sua contribuição criativa. É hora de mudança.

The creators of the new Spinal Tap campaign website – – will be officially launched on World Intellectual Property Day, this week.

The Fairness Rocks campaign was born from the creators of Spinal Tap knowing that they were not selected for special treatment. In fact, only a select few successful creators receive a fair share of the benefits derived from the exploitation of their work.

Fans and the public may not realize the economic reality behind the music and film industries. If consumers are repelled by T-shirts manufactured by exploited labor in the developing world, we were surprised that, when informed about commercial realities, audiences disapprove of the lack of fair treatment that talent receives from companies that exploit their business. music and movies.

To make it worse, the practices of powerful technology companies have devastated the incomes of writers, composers, artists and filmmakers from around the world.

The truth is that both power and financial imbalances, between talent and corporations, have persisted for far too long. Individually, talent has a weak negotiating position; creators must often sign contracts that contradict the fundamental principles of laws designed to protect them.

The intent of Fairness Rocks is to shed light on some of these unfair practices, help educate the public and inform young creators who begin their careers in music and film. It aims to highlight the work of talent defense organizations and be a place where you can find useful and up-to-date information for media, filmmakers and musicians alike.


Source: Amanda Harcourt


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